NLRB Restores Long-Standing Precedent

Union Employers May Make Unilateral Employment Policy Changes When Consistent with Past Practices… In a 3-2 decision involving Raytheon Network Centric Systems last week, the National Labor Relations Board restored a 1964 precedent allowing an employer to implement employment changes that are consistent with past practice without first bargaining with the union. The Board’s new … More NLRB Restores Long-Standing Precedent

NLRB: “Fight for $15 Buttons” are In-Not-Out

It is well established that employers may require employees to wear a uniform while working, and it is also well established under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) that employees have the right to wear union buttons and insignia while working. These conflicting rights often create fights over the seemingly mundane question of what a … More NLRB: “Fight for $15 Buttons” are In-Not-Out